Clean The Creek

Earn Crypto for Cleaning

Clean Token will be added to the Clean the Creek ecosystem for the 2022. The erc20 based token wallets have been created and are currently being integrated into the Android and iOS apps. What does this mean for Clean the Creek users? When you tag a location, complete a location or upvote for cleanups you and others Clean Token is rewarded. Enhanced by operating on a cryptographically secure, decentralized, tamper-proof network every day, new clean the creek currency units will be distributed to the users who engage with the app. The more you engage, the more you earn. Coins will be available for Trade immediately after the initial airdrop to our current clean the creek user base for trading on Etherdelta. That means on the exchange CLEAN will be sold to ETH which can be sold to USD. By providing a smart contract system the funds will be released to the contributors instantly. All of this is possible without requiring a centralized arbitrator, clearinghouse or having to trust anyone by using the Ethereum utility platform. And because the Ethereum network is decentralized, we are able to provide services with a 100% uptime guarantee.

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Up Vote

Upvote and reward other users for their good work.

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Works Offline

If your in the middle of nowhere use the app to track garbage

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Democratic Autonomous Organization

Custom built blockchain, an enormously powerful shared global infrastructure that can move value and represent the ownership of clean ups.

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iOS and Android

Available for both iOS and Android, built in wallets Q3 2020

How Clean Coin will Work

People whom tag/clean locations are rewarded Clean Coin. The algorithm will be relevance and social based. Using followers and your social influence will increase the amount of Clean Coin you earn. But the biggest rewards come from validation within the community. The more upvotes you’re clean up gets the greater amount of clean coin you are rewarded. System integrated wallets will be built into the app allowing sending and receiving Clean Coins within the Apps ecosystem. Being an erc20 based utility token Clean Coin will benefit from all the features of Ethereum making it easy to transfer your coins to Meta Mask, Mist or any other popular wallet. The distribution of coins will be as follows: 100,000,000 coins will be created and not mineable. 5% of the coins will be held for the founders and investors, 5% for charities, 10% available for bounty being bugs (bounty/code community rules Q3 2020) and improvements to the open source code, 10% for the airdrop and 70% available for the community.

The building and setup for code enhancements, bug fixes, and paid bounty will be determined by up voting within the dev community. Clean the Creek will be available both our Android and iOS platforms open source (Q3 2020). Our goal is to provide an incentive for the little children in poor countries to pickup garbage on a beach and be able to sell their Clean Coin on an exchange for US dollars. So in a sense, you will be able to monetize good deeds and really provide people a way to make money by picking up garbage. Please follow our blog for updates. White paper to be release (Q2 2020).

My Dream is to provide technology to transform how we think about our communities and how we care for our earth. Clean the Creek is an app that gives users the power to tag dirty locations on a map, using their smart phone, thus making it easy to leverage corporate, social, and inherited responsibility. Users of Clean the Creek are part of something much larger than just cleaning up garbage, they are part of a social revolution and a new generation of individuals who care deeply for the environment and understand that earth is our home and it is our job to keep it clean.

clean the creek

We are providing incentive for people to clean the garbage around the world and be rewarded for their good work.

Leave it Cleaner than you found it

White Paper coming Q2 2020

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Do whats right and earn your clean coin.

Dan Carter

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