Clean The Creek

Clean the Creek

My Dream is to provide technology to transform how we think about our communities and how we care for our earth. Clean the Creek is an app that gives users the power to tag dirty locations on a map, using their smart phone, thus making it easy to leverage corporate, social, and inherited responsibility. Users of Clean the Creek are part of something much larger than just cleaning up garbage, they are part of a social revolution and a new generation of individuals who care deeply for the environment and understand that earth is our home and it is our job to keep it clean.

Dan Carter

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What we stand for is what we stand on.

A simple maps' view shows you the dirty locations around you. Get out there meet people and make a difference. As your work gets liked you earn Clean Token.

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Create our future by saving it.

Give people kudos for a job well done, follow others, easily share your good deeds to Facebook then invite your friends. Help heal the world and gain clean tokens.

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Modern technology owes ecology an apology.

Build your social standing. Create your profile overtime showing your good work. Because if we don’t think about future generations, they will never forget us.

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Simple and Intuitive Interface

Clean the Creek runs on the latest technology that is fast and easy to use. Offline mode is available for Android users.

Dan Carter

Progress begins with change and changing how we see the world. Respect for nature is paramount. We are the change, which we seek. The situation we are faced with has created a new challenge. I created Clean the Creek to give people of this earth the tools to meet the challenge. Clean the Creek is our first App, in a suite of new free apps. Developed by my company, Red Cherry to help save our treasure, the Earth. Yes this is but one App to start with, but it's about small changes towards the better you and a better environment.

If we seriously don't consider changing our direction, we may end up where we are heading, an environmental disaster. This scares me as I have three children of my own and I want them to be able to enjoy the world not only as it is now but cleaner than our generation found it.

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Our Mission

Leave it cleaner than you found it.

This is not just about cleaning your community it's about creating new social challenges, social change, responsibilities and accountability. It's about giving kudos to people that deserve it. The greatness of what's to come will not be just healthier, cleaner environment but a social standing proving your an exceptional human being.

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A few caring people can change the world.

Download the app today and start making a difference that your Facebook friends can give kudos too and see good deeds done by your self or corporation. It’s time to start tracking Kudos. Start today and gain Clean Tokens.

-Dan Carter

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